Remember that x-intercepts do not move under vertical stretches and shrinks. In other words, if f (x) = 0 for some value of x, then k f (x) = 0 for the same value of x.Also, a vertical stretch/shrink by a factor of k means that the point (x, y) on the graph of f (x) is transformed to the point (x, ky) on the graph of g(x).
Jan 06, 2017 · Practice Worksheet: Graphing Logarithmic Functions Without a calculator, match each function with its graph. ... Transformations: Coordinates of the two anchor points:
Is it a function? Links MA.912.A.2.3 Functions MA.912.A.2.4 Domain and Range of Relations MA.912.A.3.1 Solving Linear Equations MA.912.A.3.10 Writing Equations of Lines and Inequalities MA.912.A.3.11 Modeling Data and Making Predictions with Lines MA.912.A.3.14 Solving Systems of Linear Equations
Sep 18, 2018 · U3D3 Extra Practice 2 Function Notation. U3D3 Extra Practice 1 SOLUTIONS Function Notation & Translations. U3D3 Extra Practice 2 Solutions Function Notation : 4 3.4: U3D4_S Reflections of Functions. U3D4_T Reflections of Functions. Khan Academy Video: Shifts & Reflections of Root Function. Khan Academy: Identifying Transformations: p. 203 #1c ...