Wetting the lower part of the curtain with water and then sticking it to the sides of the tub can help to reduce the vortex effect. You should do this before turning on the shower. Although the part of the curtain just above the tub may blow in, it will not reach you.
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1. I don't know how Samantha manages to…..the ironing so fast; it takes me an hour just to iron two shirts! 2. Pamela always …. her bed as she gets up in the morning. 10. Mrs Finch is very arrogant/nosy; she always peeps at us from behind the curtains to see what we're doing in the garden.
Aug 08, 2015 · Your performance does not determine you identity, your identity determines your performance. Grace is the beginning and end of everything you are, do, and become. This is the Gospel, that your part is to realize you have no part, only believe. Anything less than this pure Grace Gospel, is Law.